Stål & Rörmontage

Qualified steel structures since 1987
Stål & Rörmontage is an experienced supplier of bridges, cisterns, pressure vessels, infrastructure and qualified steel structures. In our industrial premises in Sölvesborg, we have built up a modern machine park that allows us to take on larger complicated projects. We perform parts of assignments as well as complete solutions. From design, preparation, calculation, strength calculations and manufacturing to assembly on site with the whole world as our workplace.
Our goal is to be a cost-effective and solution-oriented supplier that values ​​long-term relationships with its customers. Our philosophy is simple: each assignment must be so well executed that Stål & Rörmontage is the natural first choice for clients in our business areas.

Stability & Durability
Stability characterizes Stål & Rörmontage in several senses. We work in steel, a material that allows stable and durable constructions, for example in buildings and in applications for industry. We are a family business for three generations, which since 2017 is owned by Storskogen. The company has had a stable growth since it was founded and today has about 50 employees. Staff turnover is low and we have built up a broad knowledge bank in several different segments. Sustainability is a must for our future and for us it is a matter of course to take responsibility and care for the environment for future generations. That our constructions, through minimized material consumption and maintenance, last as long as they are to be used and are recyclable when the service life is over. We therefore work systematically with both the environment and quality and are certified according to EN 1090 EXC1-4, ISO 9001 and ISO 3834.

Company facts Stål & Rörmontage AB
Founded: 1987 by Göran and Ronny Södergren.

Owner: Storskogen, since October 2017.

Number of employees: about 50 people.

Production area: + 12,000 square meters.

Strengths: Extensive experience and competence for qualified constructions, short decision paths, great commitment, versatility, short delivery times, and complete solutions.

Certifications: EN 1090 EXC1-4, ISO 9001 and ISO 3834

Company of the year: 1996, 2012, 2013

Throughout the history of the company we have experienced new challenges on a more or less daily basis. Therefore do not hesitate to contact us for discussions about any construction or manufacturing project. We can always, if nothing less, give you a second opinion about your project.